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PTSA Direct Donation Campaign

Please consider supporting Hawes PTSA programs through our Direct Donation campaign!

Go to Hawes Direct Donation on 99Pledges to give online! 

Direct Donation Overview: 

Hawesome Hawk Level $500 or more* includes:

  • one hardcover 2019-2020 yearbook
  • family’s name on the school website
  • family’s name on the school marquee
  • PLUS a chance to win a GRAND PRIZE in the opportunity drawing!

* For those families with multiple children at Hawes, each additional $250 donation will earn you an additional hardcover yearbook and a chance to win the grand prize.

Rockin Hawk level of $250 includes

  • one hardcover 2019-2020 yearbook
  • PLUS a chance to win a prize in the opportunity drawing!

EVERY dollar counts!!  No matter how big or small your donation, you are helping to continue the PTSA funded enrichment programs. Any and all donations are welcome and appreciated!  

All students who contribute, big or small, will receive a prize at our Spin the Wheel Friday events!

Here are a few programs that the money funds:

- Art Explorers - $7,300
- Classroom Enrichment Supplies - $14,400
- Field Trips for Each Grade Level - $13,000
- School-Wide Programs/Assemblies - $8,150
- Accelerated Reader - $7,400

Note: As conscientious stewards of your money, PTSA is also carefully planning in order to maintain and refresh our state of the art technology to ensure our kids have access to the tools needed to be college and career ready.

Ready to donate?

You can pay with a check, credit card or online at 99Pledges.
You can also split your donation into 5 monthly payments by checking the box on the back of the brochure sent home the first day of school. You pick the amount and we will work out a schedule that works for you!

Questions? Contact:

Suzanne Tartir
VP Ways and Means


What are the different scenarios for families with multiple children at Hawes?

  • By default, families who donate $500 or more are honored at the highest level, Hawesome Hawk, with the benefits listed above. 
  • However, it is possible to downgrade to different levels. For example, if you have two children and donate $500, you can contact Suzanne Tartir and ask to downgrade to the Rockin Hawk level x 2 and receive the benefits that match, but your family will forfeit the Hawesome Hawk benefits. 

Does/do my child/children qualify for the incentives at the different levels based on cumulative money raised by friends and family?

  • Yes, 99Pledges makes it possible for us to track this. If you have family and friends donating in other ways (e.g. check, PTSA Store), please contact Suzanne Tartir. 

How do I make sure my child/children gets credit for donations from other friends and family members?

  • Make sure your child/children is/are listed as participants on 99Pledges. If you haven’t already done so, go to Hawes Direct Donation on 99Pledges, scroll down to the bottom left. Click on the link for “Not in the list? Add participant.”
  • Share your child/children’s unique link with friends and family. 

How do the rewards and opportunity drawings work?

  • If a direct donation to PTSA was made in your child's name, one golden ticket will be sent home! Your child will bring their golden ticket to the next Spin the Wheel Event at the table by the PTSA room (room 39) before or after school on the date indicated and spin the wheel for a prize!
  • You can still make a donation to the PTSA Direct Donation Campaign and your child/children will be eligible for our next Spin the Wheel Event later this month! There will also be another Spin the Wheel Event in December. 
  • For families who donate at the Hawesome Hawk Level, the GRAND PRIZE in the opportunity drawing will happen in mid-January. If you have multiple children, see the section, Direct Donation Overview for details. 
  • For families who donate at the Rockin Hawk level, there will be an opportunity drawing that takes place in mid-January.