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Grade Standards

Common Core State Standards for all grade levels

Please click here for all standards.  This will take you to the HBCSD website, Standards page.

Common Core Standards

With the implementation of Common Core Standards, our students will be expected to apply their learning, to think critically, to create and to explain their thinking in a variety of ways.  To better understand the expectations and standards for our students, pleasace look at the follow documents:


The Literacy Capacities "Habit of Mind" Learning Targets illustrate how our students should be able to integrate with the information and learning in a variety of modalities and with depth and complexity.  These targets are expectations for our students as they graduate high school and enter the world of college and career.  In order to prepare our students for a technology-rich global society, we will start building these skills now through activities and learning across the curriculum in all grade levels.


The Standards for Mathematical Practice "Habit of Minds" K-12 Learning Targets illustrate how our students should think mathematically as they solve problems, learn about number sense and view the world of math as it is integrated in all things that we do.  These targets are expectations for our students as they graduate from high school and enter the world of college and career.  In order to prepare our students, we will start building these skills and "habits of mind" in kindergarten.

Vision and Guiding Principles Of Huntington Beach City School District

Character Counts
Respect, caring, trustworthiness, fairness, responsibility, and citizenship are the ethical foundations upon which our district is built. We value each individual who practices, teaches, and serves as the role model for these virtues.


Academic Excellence and Accountability
Academic excellence is the highest priority in our district. Students will demonstrate academic proficiency by meeting world class standards. To that end, all stakeholders in the organization—board members, employees, students, and parents—are accountable for carrying out their responsibilities toward that end.


High Expectations
We believe that each child is an individual of great worth entitled to develop to his or her full potential. All children can and will learn, and each deserves equal access to a quality education that is built upon high expectations.


Parent and Community Involvement and Teamwork
Families, staff, and the entire community are full partners, actively working in a collaborative manner for the benefit of each child’s education. We welcome, seek, and expect active participation and involvement of all stakeholders.


Shared Responsibility
We believe that education is a shared responsibility where the student, the school, the home, and the community work together toward common goals.


Civic Pride and Social Responsibility
It is important that students understand the origins of the nation, principles of the Declaration of Independence, and ideals and hopes of the founding patriots. They should develop a respect for the fundamental law of the land, together with a concern for the just enforcement and improvement of the law.


Lifelong Learning
We are committed to display, and develop in our students, habits of the mind and heart that will lead to a lifetime love of learning.